Analysis of Submissions to the 2019 Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference

Kit Martin, Melissa Perez, Michael Smith and Stephanie Jones

We were interested in investigating patterns of the authors and topics submitted to this year’s conference. We used several visualization methods in python to begin to understand the following research questions:

  1. What are the top 21 most popular topics?
  2. How are all the topics connected to one another?
  3. How are the authors connected to one another?

Below we see the top 21 topics at the conference. Social Cultural Theories of learning were by far the most popular.

2 How connected were the topics in the conference? We measured this by meauring the co-occurence of topics in papers.

Then, we wanted to know which topics co-occurred on papers. So we constructed a network graph of the topics.

We find that Sociocultural Theories of Learning are central to the topic list, while topics such as Environmental Education and Metacognition are more distal.

3 How connected were the authors in the conference?

Next we counted the number of times authors co-authored with each other.

Then we graphed the same data, but colored the results, so that the brighter the node the more connections the author had.

We see most authors, authored alone, in dark purple. A few authors had high connectivity. In inspecting the data, those more connected authors came from large lab groups at the same schools.

LSGS Conference graphing and Analysis

Here we provide the analysis we performed. To recreate it you will need to have python and the contingent modules installed.

In [1]:
%matplotlib inline

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import networkx as nx
import numpy as np
import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd
import ipywidgets as widgets
from ipywidgets import interact, interact_manual

#from utils import decorate, savefig

# I set the random seed so the notebook 
# produces the same results every time.

# TODO: remove this when NetworkX is fixed
from warnings import simplefilter
import matplotlib.cbook
simplefilter("ignore", matplotlib.cbook.mplDeprecation)
In [2]:
# node colors for drawing networks
colors = sns.color_palette('pastel', 5)

Directed graph

The first example is a directed graph that represents a social network with three nodes.

In [3]:
G = nx.DiGraph()
G.add_node('Amy Mueller')
G.add_node('Meng Yang')
G.add_node('Matthew Wu')
G.add_node('Jocelyn Nardo')
G.add_node('Suraj Uttamchandani')
G.add_node('Vishesh Kumar')
G.add_node('Ishmael Miller')
G.add_node('Peter Miller')
G.add_node('Randi Wold-Brennon')
G.add_node('Richard Velasco')
G.add_node('Kendra Nwosu')
G.add_node('Jelena Pokimica')
G.add_node('Ha Nguyen')
G.add_node('Carl C. Haynes')
G.add_node('Stuart A. Karabenick ')
G.add_node('Stephanie D. Teasley')
G.add_node('Chris Ostrowski')
G.add_node('Sherry Yi')
G.add_node('Heather Killen')
G.add_node('Yihong Cheng')
G.add_node('Virginia Byrne')
G.add_node('Ashlyn Pierson')
G.add_node('Chaeyeon Park')
G.add_node('Jinju Lee')
G.add_node('Dongsik Kim')
G.add_node('Emily Miller')
G.add_node('Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth')
G.add_node('Jieun Lee')
G.add_node('Yilang Zhao')
G.add_node('Jesslyn Valerie')
G.add_node('Keisha Varma')
G.add_node('Gerald Dryer')
G.add_node('Julie Kallio')
G.add_node('Bethany Hoff' )
G.add_node('Chris Napolitano')
G.add_node('Gerald Dryer')
G.add_node('Alexa W.C. Lee-Hassan')
G.add_node('Laura Zeller')
G.add_node('Karis Jones')
G.add_node('Steven Moore')
G.add_node('Vimal Rao')
G.add_node('Nate Turcotte')
G.add_node('Ty Hollett')
G.add_node('Dan Merrell')
G.add_node('Steve Wager')
G.add_node('Julie Seier')
G.add_node('Jeni Sizemore')
G.add_node('Danny Miller')
G.add_node('Julie Kalio')
G.add_node('Anna Weltman')
G.add_node('Sinead Brien')
G.add_node('Yipu Zheng')
G.add_node('Paulo Blikstein')
G.add_node('Xuesong Cang')
G.add_node('Gregory French')
G.add_node('Huy Nguyen')
G.add_node('Man Su')
G.add_node('Noor Doukmak')
G.add_node('Ti\'Era Worsley')
G.add_node('Merijke Coenraad')
G.add_node('Kelsey E. Schenck')
G.add_node('Nadav Ehrenfeld')
G.add_node('Samantha Marshall')
G.add_node('Carlos Sandoval')
G.add_node('Gozde Tosun')
G.add_node('Liv Thorstensson Davila')
G.add_node('Kit Martin')
G.add_node('Isaac Sung')
G.add_node('Eda Zhang')
G.add_node('Jordan Kidney')
G.add_node('Alexandria Cervantes')
G.add_node('Critical Lenses On Learning Collective')
G.add_node('Addie Shrodes')
G.add_node('Ada Okun')
G.add_node('Eve Manz')
G.add_node('Lynsey Gibbons')
G.add_node('Shai Goldfarb Cohen')
G.add_node('Nitasha Mathayas')
G.add_node('Olivia Obeso')
G.add_node('Erica Van Steenis')
G.add_node('Heather F. Clark')
G.add_node('Jais Brohinsky')
G.add_node('Stephanie Hladik')
G.add_node('Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_node('Marie-Claire Shanahan')
G.add_node('Hazel Vega Quesada')
G.add_node('Patrick Horton')
G.add_node('Susan Kelly')
G.add_node('Sugat Dabholkar')
G.add_node('Gayithri Jayathirtha')
G.add_node('Basak Helvaci Ozacar')
G.add_node('Aleksandra Adach')
G.add_node('Jonathan McCausland')
G.add_node('Scott McDonald')
G.add_node('Kathryn Bateman')
G.add_node('Natalia Ramirez Casalvolone')
G.add_node('Noor Elagha')
G.add_node('A.J. Balatico')
G.add_node('Aireale Rodgers')
G.add_node('Naomi Polinsky')
G.add_node('Catherine Haden')
G.add_node('David Uttal')
G.add_node('Angel Xiao Bohannon')
G.add_node('Cynthia Coburn')
G.add_node('Alisa Reith')
G.add_node('John D McGinty')
G.add_node('Mitchell Nathan')
G.add_node('Won Jung Kim')
G.add_node('Kenna Hernly')
G.add_node('Iman Yeckehzaare')
G.add_node('Paul Resnick')
G.add_node('Steve Oney')
G.add_node('Aakash Kumar')
G.add_node('Michelle Brown')
G.add_node('Lisa Siciliano')
G.add_node('Jordan Sherry-Wagner')
G.add_node('Naomi Thompson')
G.add_node('Ixkoj Ajkem Community Council')
G.add_node('James Planey')
G.add_node('Robb Lindgren')
G.add_node('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone')
G.add_node('Brendan Eagan')
G.add_node('Zachari Swiecki')
G.add_node('Hanall Sung')
G.add_node('Yeyu Wang')
G.add_node('Ariel Fogel')
G.add_node('David Shaffer')
G.add_node('Katherine Schneeberger McGugan')
G.add_node('Jeremy Dietmeier')
G.add_node('Ashwin Mohan')
G.add_node('Thomas Kameroski')
G.add_node('Holland White')
G.add_node('John F. Smith')
G.add_node('Xintian Tu')
G.add_node('Zach Ryan')
G.add_node('Megan Humburg')
G.add_node('Bria Davis')
G.add_node('Chris Georgen')
G.add_node('Chi Xiao')
G.add_node('Rui Yao')
G.add_node('Dylan Paré')
G.add_node('John Craig')
G.add_node('Diksha Gaur')
G.add_node('Lu Lawrence')
G.add_node('Michael Forkner')
G.add_node('Sadhana Puntambekar')
G.add_node('Kristen Bergsman')
G.add_node('Wade Berger')
G.add_node('Huiyu Lin')
G.add_node('Jennifer Franco')
G.add_node('Melissa Moreland')
G.add_node('Zachary Ryan')
G.add_node('Lindsay Lindberg')
G.add_node('Zoe Silverman')
G.add_node('Noel Kuriakos')
G.add_node('Eda Zhang')
G.add_node('Sarah Lee')
G.add_node('Melissa Perez')
G.add_node('Michael Smithy')
G.add_node('Marcelo Worsley')
G.add_node('Katherine Chapman')
G.add_node('Alexander Brooks')
G.add_node('Amanda Draper')
G.add_node('Salim George')
G.add_node('Kathy Schuh')
G.add_node('Stephanie Jones')
G.add_node('Emma Reimers')
G.add_node('Jackson Reimers')
G.add_node('Joey Huang')
G.add_node('Elizabeth Hobbs')
G.add_node('Karen Villegas')
G.add_node('Christina Stiso')
G.add_node('Kathryn Cunningham')
G.add_node('Noor Jones-Bey')
G.add_node('Jasmine Ma')
G.add_node('Sarah White')
G.add_node('Fangli Xia')
G.add_node('Mitchell Nathan')
G.add_node('Rachel Holtz')
G.add_node('Ben Riggs')
G.add_node('Prakrithy Pradeepkumar')
G.add_node('Lisa Siciliano')
G.add_node('Lauren Vogelstein')
G.add_node('Daniel Pimentel')
G.add_node('Christina Pei')
G.add_node('Ciara Thomas Murphy')
G.add_node('Meg Escude')
G.add_node('Edward Rivero')
G.add_node('Jake Montano')
G.add_node('Connor Bain')
G.add_node('John Binzak')
G.add_node('Elizabeth Toomarian')
G.add_node('Percival Matthews')
G.add_node('Edward Hubbard')
G.add_node('Qing Zhang')
G.add_node('Erin Riesland')
G.add_node('Gina Tesoriero')
G.add_node('Jordan James')
G.add_node('Emily Holm Tobin')
G.add_node('Joanne Choi')

['Amy Mueller',
 'Meng Yang',
 'Matthew Wu',
 'Jocelyn Nardo',
 'Suraj Uttamchandani',
 'Vishesh Kumar',
 'Ishmael Miller',
 'Peter Miller',
 'Randi Wold-Brennon',
 'Richard Velasco',
 'Kendra Nwosu',
 'Jelena Pokimica',
 'Ha Nguyen',
 'Carl C. Haynes',
 'Stuart A. Karabenick ',
 'Stephanie D. Teasley',
 'Chris Ostrowski',
 'Sherry Yi',
 'Heather Killen',
 'Yihong Cheng',
 'Virginia Byrne',
 'Ashlyn Pierson',
 'Chaeyeon Park',
 'Jinju Lee',
 'Dongsik Kim',
 'Emily Miller',
 'Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth',
 'Jieun Lee',
 'Yilang Zhao',
 'Jesslyn Valerie',
 'Keisha Varma',
 'Gerald Dryer',
 'Julie Kallio',
 'Bethany Hoff',
 'Chris Napolitano',
 'Alexa W.C. Lee-Hassan',
 'Laura Zeller',
 'Karis Jones',
 'Steven Moore',
 'Vimal Rao',
 'Nate Turcotte',
 'Ty Hollett',
 'Dan Merrell',
 'Steve Wager',
 'Julie Seier',
 'Jeni Sizemore',
 'Danny Miller',
 'Julie Kalio',
 'Anna Weltman',
 'Sinead Brien',
 'Yipu Zheng',
 'Paulo Blikstein',
 'Xuesong Cang',
 'Gregory French',
 'Huy Nguyen',
 'Man Su',
 'Noor Doukmak',
 "Ti'Era Worsley",
 'Merijke Coenraad',
 'Kelsey E. Schenck',
 'Nadav Ehrenfeld',
 'Samantha Marshall',
 'Carlos Sandoval',
 'Gozde Tosun',
 'Liv Thorstensson Davila',
 'Kit Martin',
 'Isaac Sung',
 'Eda Zhang',
 'Jordan Kidney',
 'Alexandria Cervantes',
 'Critical Lenses On Learning Collective',
 'Addie Shrodes',
 'Ada Okun',
 'Eve Manz',
 'Lynsey Gibbons',
 'Shai Goldfarb Cohen',
 'Nitasha Mathayas',
 'Olivia Obeso',
 'Erica Van Steenis',
 'Heather F. Clark',
 'Jais Brohinsky',
 'Stephanie Hladik',
 'Pratim Sengupta',
 'Marie-Claire Shanahan',
 'Hazel Vega Quesada',
 'Patrick Horton',
 'Susan Kelly',
 'Sugat Dabholkar',
 'Gayithri Jayathirtha',
 'Basak Helvaci Ozacar',
 'Aleksandra Adach',
 'Jonathan McCausland',
 'Scott McDonald',
 'Kathryn Bateman',
 'Natalia Ramirez Casalvolone',
 'Noor Elagha',
 'A.J. Balatico',
 'Aireale Rodgers',
 'Naomi Polinsky',
 'Catherine Haden',
 'David Uttal',
 'Angel Xiao Bohannon',
 'Cynthia Coburn',
 'Alisa Reith',
 'John D McGinty',
 'Mitchell Nathan',
 'Won Jung Kim',
 'Kenna Hernly',
 'Iman Yeckehzaare',
 'Paul Resnick',
 'Steve Oney',
 'Aakash Kumar',
 'Michelle Brown',
 'Lisa Siciliano',
 'Jordan Sherry-Wagner',
 'Naomi Thompson',
 'Ixkoj Ajkem Community Council',
 'James Planey',
 'Robb Lindgren',
 'Amanda Siebert-Evenstone',
 'Brendan Eagan',
 'Zachari Swiecki',
 'Hanall Sung',
 'Yeyu Wang',
 'Ariel Fogel',
 'David Shaffer',
 'Katherine Schneeberger McGugan',
 'Jeremy Dietmeier',
 'Ashwin Mohan',
 'Thomas Kameroski',
 'Holland White',
 'John F. Smith',
 'Xintian Tu',
 'Zach Ryan',
 'Megan Humburg',
 'Bria Davis',
 'Chris Georgen',
 'Chi Xiao',
 'Rui Yao',
 'Dylan Paré',
 'John Craig',
 'Diksha Gaur',
 'Lu Lawrence',
 'Michael Forkner',
 'Sadhana Puntambekar',
 'Kristen Bergsman',
 'Wade Berger',
 'Huiyu Lin',
 'Jennifer Franco',
 'Melissa Moreland',
 'Zachary Ryan',
 'Lindsay Lindberg',
 'Zoe Silverman',
 'Noel Kuriakos',
 'Sarah Lee',
 'Melissa Perez',
 'Michael Smithy',
 'Marcelo Worsley',
 'Katherine Chapman',
 'Alexander Brooks',
 'Amanda Draper',
 'Salim George',
 'Kathy Schuh',
 'Stephanie Jones',
 'Emma Reimers',
 'Jackson Reimers',
 'Joey Huang',
 'Elizabeth Hobbs',
 'Karen Villegas',
 'Christina Stiso',
 'Kathryn Cunningham',
 'Noor Jones-Bey',
 'Jasmine Ma',
 'Sarah White',
 'Fangli Xia',
 'Rachel Holtz',
 'Ben Riggs',
 'Prakrithy Pradeepkumar',
 'Lauren Vogelstein',
 'Daniel Pimentel',
 'Christina Pei',
 'Ciara Thomas Murphy',
 'Meg Escude',
 'Edward Rivero',
 'Jake Montano',
 'Connor Bain',
 'John Binzak',
 'Elizabeth Toomarian',
 'Percival Matthews',
 'Edward Hubbard',
 'Qing Zhang',
 'Erin Riesland',
 'Gina Tesoriero',
 'Jordan James',
 'Emily Holm Tobin',
 'Joanne Choi']

Here's how we add edges between nodes.

In [4]:
G.add_edge('Meng Yang', 'Matthew Wu')
G.add_edge('Suraj Uttamchandani', 'Vishesh Kumar')
G.add_edge('Randi Wold-Brennon', 'Richard Velasco')
G.add_edge('Randi Wold-Brennon', 'Kendra Nwosu')
G.add_edge('Richard Velasco', 'Kendra Nwosu')
G.add_edge('Carl C. Haynes', 'Stuart A. Karabenick')
G.add_edge('Carl C. Haynes', 'Stephanie D. Teasley')
G.add_edge('Stephanie D. Teasley', 'Stuart A. Karabenick')
G.add_edge('Jinju Lee', 'Chaeyeon Park')
G.add_edge('Dongsik Kim', 'Chaeyeon Park')
G.add_edge('Dongsik Kim', 'Jinju Lee')
G.add_edge('Jesslyn Valerie', 'Keisha Varma')
G.add_edge('Gerald Dryer', 'Julie Kallio')
G.add_edge('Bethany Hoff', 'Chris Napolitano')
G.add_edge('Alexa W.C. Lee-Hassan','Laura Zeller')
G.add_edge('Nate Turcotte', 'Ty Hollett')
G.add_edge('Dan Merrell', 'Steve Wager')
G.add_edge('Nate Turcotte', 'Steve Wager')
G.add_edge('Ty Hollett', 'Dan Merrell')
G.add_edge('Julie Seier','Jeni Sizemore')
G.add_edge('Nadav Ehrenfeld','Samantha Marshall')
G.add_edge('Ada Okun', 'Eve Manz ')
G.add_edge('Ada Okun',' Lynsey Gibbons')
G.add_edge('Eve Manz', 'Lynsey Gibbons')
G.add_edge('Stephanie Hladik', 'Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_edge('Stephanie Hladik', 'Marie-Claire Shanahan')
G.add_edge('Pratim Sengupta', 'Marie-Claire Shanahan')
G.add_edge('Basak Helvaci Ozacar', 'Marie-Claire Shanahan')
G.add_edge('Basak Helvaci Ozacar', 'Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_edge('Jonathan McCausland', 'Scott McDonald')
G.add_edge('Scott McDonald',  'Kathryn Bateman')
G.add_edge('Jonathan McCausland', 'Kathryn Bateman')
G.add_edge('Naomi Polinsky', 'Catherine Haden')
G.add_edge('Naomi Polinsky',  'David Uttal')
G.add_edge('Catherine Haden', 'David Uttal')
G.add_edge('Angel Xiao Bohannon', 'Cynthia Coburn')
G.add_edge('John D McGinty', 'Mitchell Nathan')
G.add_edge('Iman Yeckehzaare', 'Steve Oney')
G.add_edge('Iman Yeckehzaare', 'Paul Resnick')
G.add_edge('Paul Resnick', 'Steve Oney')
G.add_edge('Marilú Lam-Herrera', 'Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_edge('Ixkoj Ajkem Community Council', 'Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_edge('Marilú Lam-Herrera', 'Ixkoj Ajkem Community Council')
G.add_edge('James Planey', 'Robb Lindgren')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Brendan Eagan')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Zachari Swiecki')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Hanall Sung')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone',  'Jais Brohinsky')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Yeyu Wang')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Ariel Fogel')
G.add_edge('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone',' David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Brendan Eagan', 'Zachari Swiecki')
G.add_edge('Brendan Eagan', 'Hanall Sung')
G.add_edge('Brendan Eagan',  'Jais Brohinsky')
G.add_edge('Brendan Eagan', 'Yeyu Wang')
G.add_edge('Brendan Eagan', 'Ariel Fogel')
G.add_edge('Brendan Eagan', 'David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Zachari Swiecki', 'Hanall Sung')
G.add_edge('Zachari Swiecki', 'Jais Brohinsky')
G.add_edge('Zachari Swiecki', 'Yeyu Wang')
G.add_edge('Zachari Swiecki', 'Ariel Fogel')
G.add_edge('Zachari Swiecki', 'David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Hanall Sung', 'Jais Brohinsky')
G.add_edge('Hanall Sung', 'Yeyu Wang')
G.add_edge('Hanall Sung', 'Ariel Fogel')
G.add_edge('Hanall Sung', 'David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Jais Brohinsky', 'Yeyu Wang')
G.add_edge('Jais Brohinsky', 'Ariel Fogel')
G.add_edge('Jais Brohinsky', 'David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Yeyu Wang', 'Ariel Fogel')
G.add_edge('Yeyu Wang', 'David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Ariel Fogel', 'David Shaffer')
G.add_edge('Ashwin Mohan', 'Thomas Kameroski')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Zach Ryan')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Megan Humburg')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Bria Davis')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Chris Georgen')
G.add_edge('Zach Ryan', 'Megan Humburg')
G.add_edge('Zach Ryan', 'Bria Davis')
G.add_edge('Zach Ryan', 'Chris Georgen')
G.add_edge('Megan Humburg', 'Bria Davis')
G.add_edge('Megan Humburg', 'Chris Georgen')
G.add_edge('Bria Davis', 'Chris Georgen')
G.add_edge('Chi Xiao', 'Rui Yao')
G.add_edge('Dylan Paré', 'John Craig')
G.add_edge('Dylan Paré', 'Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_edge('John Craig', 'Pratim Sengupta')
G.add_edge('Michael Forkner', 'Sadhana Puntambekar')
G.add_edge('Huiyu Lin', 'Jennifer Franco')
G.add_edge('Melissa Moreland', 'Zachary Ryan')
G.add_edge('Won Jung Kim', 'Sinead Brien')
G.add_edge('Lindsay Lindberg', 'Zoe Silverman')
G.add_edge('Eda Zhang', 'Vishesh Kumar')
G.add_edge('Megan Humburg', 'Xintian Tu')
G.add_edge('Megan Humburg', 'Bria Davis')
G.add_edge('Megan Humburg', 'Chris Georgen')
G.add_edge('Megan Humburg', 'Zach Ryan')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Bria Davis')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Chris Georgen')
G.add_edge('Xintian Tu', 'Zach Ryan')
G.add_edge('Bria Davis', 'Zach Ryan')
G.add_edge('Sarah Lee', 'Melissa Perez')
G.add_edge('Sarah Lee', 'Michael Smith')
G.add_edge('Sarah Lee','Marcelo Worsley')
G.add_edge('Melissa Perez', 'Michael Smith')
G.add_edge('Melissa Perez','Marcelo Worsley')
G.add_edge('Michael Smith','Marcelo Worsley')
G.add_edge('Salim George','Kathy Schuh')
G.add_edge('Melissa Perez', 'Stephanie Jones')
G.add_edge('Stephanie Jones', 'Sarah Lee')
G.add_edge('Zachary Ryan', 'Christina Stiso')
G.add_edge('Noor Jones-Bey','Jasmine Ma')
G.add_edge('Fangli Xia', 'Mitchell Nathan')
G.add_edge('Prakrithy Pradeepkumar', 'Lisa Siciliano')
G.add_edge('Meg Escude', 'Edward Rivero')
G.add_edge('Meg Escude', 'Jake Montano')
G.add_edge('Edward Rivero', 'Jake Montano')
G.add_edge('John Binzak', 'Elizabeth Toomarian')
G.add_edge('John Binzak',  'Percival Matthews')
G.add_edge('John Binzak', 'Edward Hubbard')

G.add_edge('Elizabeth Toomarian',  'Percival Matthews')
G.add_edge('Elizabeth Toomarian', 'Edward Hubbard')
G.add_edge('Percival Matthews', 'Edward Hubbard')

[('Meng Yang', 'Matthew Wu'),
 ('Suraj Uttamchandani', 'Vishesh Kumar'),
 ('Randi Wold-Brennon', 'Richard Velasco'),
 ('Randi Wold-Brennon', 'Kendra Nwosu'),
 ('Richard Velasco', 'Kendra Nwosu'),
 ('Carl C. Haynes', 'Stuart A. Karabenick'),
 ('Carl C. Haynes', 'Stephanie D. Teasley'),
 ('Stephanie D. Teasley', 'Stuart A. Karabenick'),
 ('Jinju Lee', 'Chaeyeon Park'),
 ('Dongsik Kim', 'Chaeyeon Park'),
 ('Dongsik Kim', 'Jinju Lee'),
 ('Jesslyn Valerie', 'Keisha Varma'),
 ('Gerald Dryer', 'Julie Kallio'),
 ('Bethany Hoff', 'Chris Napolitano'),
 ('Alexa W.C. Lee-Hassan', 'Laura Zeller'),
 ('Nate Turcotte', 'Ty Hollett'),
 ('Nate Turcotte', 'Steve Wager'),
 ('Ty Hollett', 'Dan Merrell'),
 ('Dan Merrell', 'Steve Wager'),
 ('Julie Seier', 'Jeni Sizemore'),
 ('Nadav Ehrenfeld', 'Samantha Marshall'),
 ('Eda Zhang', 'Vishesh Kumar'),
 ('Ada Okun', 'Eve Manz '),
 ('Ada Okun', ' Lynsey Gibbons'),
 ('Eve Manz', 'Lynsey Gibbons'),
 ('Jais Brohinsky', 'Yeyu Wang'),
 ('Jais Brohinsky', 'Ariel Fogel'),
 ('Jais Brohinsky', 'David Shaffer'),
 ('Stephanie Hladik', 'Pratim Sengupta'),
 ('Stephanie Hladik', 'Marie-Claire Shanahan'),
 ('Pratim Sengupta', 'Marie-Claire Shanahan'),
 ('Basak Helvaci Ozacar', 'Marie-Claire Shanahan'),
 ('Basak Helvaci Ozacar', 'Pratim Sengupta'),
 ('Jonathan McCausland', 'Scott McDonald'),
 ('Jonathan McCausland', 'Kathryn Bateman'),
 ('Scott McDonald', 'Kathryn Bateman'),
 ('Naomi Polinsky', 'Catherine Haden'),
 ('Naomi Polinsky', 'David Uttal'),
 ('Catherine Haden', 'David Uttal'),
 ('Angel Xiao Bohannon', 'Cynthia Coburn'),
 ('John D McGinty', 'Mitchell Nathan'),
 ('Won Jung Kim', 'Sinead Brien'),
 ('Iman Yeckehzaare', 'Steve Oney'),
 ('Iman Yeckehzaare', 'Paul Resnick'),
 ('Paul Resnick', 'Steve Oney'),
 ('Ixkoj Ajkem Community Council', 'Pratim Sengupta'),
 ('James Planey', 'Robb Lindgren'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Brendan Eagan'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Zachari Swiecki'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Hanall Sung'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Jais Brohinsky'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Yeyu Wang'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', 'Ariel Fogel'),
 ('Amanda Siebert-Evenstone', ' David Shaffer'),
 ('Brendan Eagan', 'Zachari Swiecki'),
 ('Brendan Eagan', 'Hanall Sung'),
 ('Brendan Eagan', 'Jais Brohinsky'),
 ('Brendan Eagan', 'Yeyu Wang'),
 ('Brendan Eagan', 'Ariel Fogel'),
 ('Brendan Eagan', 'David Shaffer'),
 ('Zachari Swiecki', 'Hanall Sung'),
 ('Zachari Swiecki', 'Jais Brohinsky'),
 ('Zachari Swiecki', 'Yeyu Wang'),
 ('Zachari Swiecki', 'Ariel Fogel'),
 ('Zachari Swiecki', 'David Shaffer'),
 ('Hanall Sung', 'Jais Brohinsky'),
 ('Hanall Sung', 'Yeyu Wang'),
 ('Hanall Sung', 'Ariel Fogel'),
 ('Hanall Sung', 'David Shaffer'),
 ('Yeyu Wang', 'Ariel Fogel'),
 ('Yeyu Wang', 'David Shaffer'),
 ('Ariel Fogel', 'David Shaffer'),
 ('Ashwin Mohan', 'Thomas Kameroski'),
 ('Xintian Tu', 'Zach Ryan'),
 ('Xintian Tu', 'Megan Humburg'),
 ('Xintian Tu', 'Bria Davis'),
 ('Xintian Tu', 'Chris Georgen'),
 ('Zach Ryan', 'Megan Humburg'),
 ('Zach Ryan', 'Bria Davis'),
 ('Zach Ryan', 'Chris Georgen'),
 ('Megan Humburg', 'Bria Davis'),
 ('Megan Humburg', 'Chris Georgen'),
 ('Megan Humburg', 'Xintian Tu'),
 ('Megan Humburg', 'Zach Ryan'),
 ('Bria Davis', 'Chris Georgen'),
 ('Bria Davis', 'Zach Ryan'),
 ('Chi Xiao', 'Rui Yao'),
 ('Dylan Paré', 'John Craig'),
 ('Dylan Paré', 'Pratim Sengupta'),
 ('John Craig', 'Pratim Sengupta'),
 ('Michael Forkner', 'Sadhana Puntambekar'),
 ('Huiyu Lin', 'Jennifer Franco'),
 ('Melissa Moreland', 'Zachary Ryan'),
 ('Zachary Ryan', 'Christina Stiso'),
 ('Lindsay Lindberg', 'Zoe Silverman'),
 ('Sarah Lee', 'Melissa Perez'),
 ('Sarah Lee', 'Michael Smith'),
 ('Sarah Lee', 'Marcelo Worsley'),
 ('Melissa Perez', 'Michael Smith'),
 ('Melissa Perez', 'Marcelo Worsley'),
 ('Melissa Perez', 'Stephanie Jones'),
 ('Salim George', 'Kathy Schuh'),
 ('Stephanie Jones', 'Sarah Lee'),
 ('Noor Jones-Bey', 'Jasmine Ma'),
 ('Fangli Xia', 'Mitchell Nathan'),
 ('Prakrithy Pradeepkumar', 'Lisa Siciliano'),
 ('Meg Escude', 'Edward Rivero'),
 ('Meg Escude', 'Jake Montano'),
 ('Edward Rivero', 'Jake Montano'),
 ('John Binzak', 'Elizabeth Toomarian'),
 ('John Binzak', 'Percival Matthews'),
 ('John Binzak', 'Edward Hubbard'),
 ('Elizabeth Toomarian', 'Percival Matthews'),
 ('Elizabeth Toomarian', 'Edward Hubbard'),
 ('Percival Matthews', 'Edward Hubbard'),
 ('Marilú Lam-Herrera', 'Pratim Sengupta'),
 ('Marilú Lam-Herrera', 'Ixkoj Ajkem Community Council'),
 ('Michael Smith', 'Marcelo Worsley')]
In [5]:
domains = ['African-American Studies',
'Collaboration & Collaborative Learning',
'Computer Science',
'Environmental Education',
'Fine Arts (Dance/Theatre/Arts/Film)',
'Games & Game-Based Learning',
'Identity & Agency',
'Latinx Studies',
'Learning in Informal Spaces',
'LGBTQ Studies',
'Making, Makers, & Makerspaces',
'Math & Statistics',
'Indigenous Studies',
'Social Sciences',
'Special Education',
'Teachers & Education']

research_methods = ['Conversation and Interaction Analysis',
'Data Mining & Learning Analytics',
'Design-Based Research (DBR/CBDR/DBIR)',
'Discourse Analysis',
'Cognitive Tasks',
'Video Recording and Analysis',
'Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)/Participatory Action Research (PAR)']

theory = ['Cognitive Theories of Learning',
'Critical Theories',
'Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT)',
'Culturally Responsive/Sustaining Pedagogies',
'Distributed Cognition',
'Embodiment/Embodied Cognition & Gesture',
'Sociocultural Theories of Learning']

And here's how to draw the graph.

Add colors to authorship graph

specifically using betweenness centrality and degree centrality to visualize authorship

In [6]:
pos = nx.spring_layout(G)
betCent = nx.betweenness_centrality(G, normalized=True, endpoints=True)
node_color = [10000.0 * for v in G]
node_size =  [(.25+ v) * 20000 for v in betCent.values()]
nx.draw_networkx(G, pos=pos, with_labels=False,