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2016 Submission Statistics

By the Numbers — Kit Martin

Hi y'all, looks like we're going to have a conference. We received fifty-one posters, roundtables and workshop proposals from ten schools, covering forty-three topics. As we all review and edit, we wanted to share some of the metrics. We think the breadth of submissions will improve communication and collaboration across different programs, fields and schools.

We received so many great submissions. While most were posters, we received plenty of roundtables and workshops too.

We received submissions from many schools in the Midwest, and beyond. University of Wisconsin submitting the most, more than a quarter of the total submissions (Way to go Badgers!).

With these metrics in mind, we were excited to see the trends in the topics submitted to the conference. Math learning was the most tagged primary keyword, while STEM learning was the most tagged secondary keyword, as well as the most tagged keyword generally.

Most of the interest in the conference came from the United States, but we had visitors to the website from around the world.

We're so excited by all the interest in the conference. We believe its going to bring the community much closer together. Looking forward to reviewing all y'alls research. Expect to hear from us soon!

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