Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference

September 20-22, 2019, Northwestern Unversity


Description of Conference

The Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference (LSGSC) is a convening for emerging voices in the learning sciences and related fields to (1) engage with and iterate on work that focuses on studying and designing for learning, and (2) build community across campuses and among graduate students and faculty. For our 2019 conference, we are doubling our efforts to invite participants from the broader range of programs, departments, and fields that study learning—including, but not limited to, cognitive science and computer science; communication studies and curriculum and instruction; human development and human-computer interaction; linguistics and Latinx studies; philosophy, policy, and physics. We are especially interested in works-in-progress and first-time presenters. Each year, students share work in its various stages of completion, including conjectured designs, theoretical frameworks, preliminary findings, and manuscripts being prepared for submission. We hope you will join us!

2019 Conference

The fourth annual conference will be hosted by School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, on Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22.

A set of pre-conference workshops will be held on Friday, September 20.



Contexts, Complexity, and Communities: Reflecting on and Reshaping Research on Learning





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Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy

Friday, September 20th

Workshop Day

Saturday, September 21st

First Day of Conference

Sunday, September 22nd

Second Day of Conference

Conference Planning Team

Northwestern University

Connor Bain, Sugat Dabholkar, Ava Jackson, Stephanie Jones, Kit Martin, Nikki McDaid-Morgan, Melissa Perez, Nathan Reiff, Ally Reith, Trey Smith, Michael Spikes, Sarah White

Indiana University

Bria Davis, Christina Stiso, Xintian Tu

University of Illinois at Chicago

Alexa W. C. Lee-Hassan, Prakrithy Pradeepkumar, Lisa Siciliano

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Susan Kelly, Lu Lawrence, Nitasha Mathayas

Vanderbilt University

Ashlyn Pierson, Lauren Vogelstein

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Tiffany Herder, Kelsey E. Schenck, Hanall Sung